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  • Ben Watt

Our year in review. 2020.

As this unforgettable year comes to a close, I wanted to share a summary of the Datalineo journey over the last twelve months. It goes without saying that it was a year of challenges globally, from business, employee, and indeed from family perspectives.

How did Datalineo go this year? Let’s a take a look…

As a business we were (very very thankfully!) positively impacted via the COVID-19 pandemic. However, 2019 and 2020 look like two different businesses. For us it was a shift from small/infrequent engagements with numerous customers to ongoing enterprise development with key customers.

We delivered solutions across a wide array of businesses, covering manufacturing, HR, accounting, cybersecurity, customer services, and logistics.

New things

Recently, I delivered our new Power BI Kickstarter class to test audiences and we aim to launch it fully in 2021. It’s a full-day online class which introduces you to the best tips & tricks to move your Power BI skills up a notch, or two! Keep an eye out for that next year!

We gave a bit of love to our social media. Through engaging with social media, we have been able to interact with our customers and community. In August, we celebrated our 2nd birthday and marked the occasion with a Birthday Giveaway!

If you’re not yet following us, here’s the links:

Community Contributions

I continued to play my part in driving community activities throughout 2020. The normal in-person Power BI User Group moved online, however, we joined up with all Irish Data Platform groups and created the Community Café. It has been a resounding success with very positive feedback from users and great support from Microsoft.

Along with other community leaders, we launched Data Ceili with a half-day online session. This will hopefully be back in 2021 as the big in-person Data Platform event-of-the-year for Ireland!

How did COVID-19 affect us?

As a company we had to pivot to a new way of delivery. Our focus was on key customers who came to us with additional requirements. There were two opposing reasons for this. Firstly, some customers had been positively impacted by COVID-19 with rising sales. This meant better analytics was crucial to maintain stock levels and customer satisfaction. Secondly, other customers were negatively affected by COVID-19. In perfect symmetry, they also needed to be data-driven to ensure minimal business impact, covering accounts receivable, manufacturing, and staff levels.

The result for us was remaining focused on less customers but driving higher value.

What do our customers say

We got some great feedback from our customers this year, so I thought I'd share one with you.

“Datalineo have been able to present our data in a way that is simple to analyse allowing us to improve complex processes by focusing on specific areas, making our processes more effective and impactful”
Tony. Pharmaceutical industry customer.

Charitable Contribution

This year has been a challenge for charities who have lost their regular avenues of donations. We are making a charitable contribution to help those who support others. This year we have chosen the Irish Hospice Foundation who help people facing end of life or bereavement.

If you would like to make a donation please click the logo.

2021, the year ahead.

Current news topics are all about vaccinations so does that mean in Jan/Feb we’ll be out shaking hands again? Probably not. What we will see is the pendulum starting to swing back again, at it's own pace and to a different equilibrium.

We have set goals for 2021 but they are not around revenue or expansion. They are about learning, adapting, and community contributions. Coupled with our core values, we have always found success comes to us from aiming for high quality, not high targets.

A very special thanks to our customers and to the Datalineo Team who played their part this


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ben and The Datalineo Team


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