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Case Study

WorkHuman: Operations Analytics


About WorkHuman

WorkHuman is a mission with a company. They exist to make work more human for every person on the planet. At WorkHuman, they love what they do because they are shaping the future of work through our people and our technology. Their human cloud-based applications are helping some of the world’s leading global brands connect culture to shared purpose.


The WorkHuman Cloud empowers employees to thank, talk and celebrate each other, creating an environment that sparks gratitude and human connection while increasing employee engagement and productivity.


Founded in 1999 they have over 6 million users in 180 different countries, supporting over 30 languages. Their values are Imagination, Determination, Innovation and Respect.


Why talk to Datalineo?


Rapid growth saw challenges across reporting in key areas such as supply chain and customer service.


WorkHuman wanted a simple yet scalable solution which could support their humans doing the best work of their lives.

How did we help?

Datalineo was engaged to drive the automation of reports, shared both internally and to clients. The Datalineo goal was to aim higher & with that in mind, a fully self-service analytics platform was designed and developed.


Data is acquired and transformed daily, and complex metrics help drive impactful insight on key areas. With the creation of a self-service platform, power users are creating new ways of measuring performance.


WorkHuman is a company about people, so values are not solely focused on revenue. The analytics platform is designed to measure the satisfaction of the people who use the WorkHuman Platform.


With that mindset, WorkHuman measure customer satisfaction, support volumes & their drivers, and logistics to ensure orders arrive on time & safely.


How did it change the game?


With the WorkHuman analytics solution in place, we are ahead of scaling issues which would have crippled the reporting capability.


We helped create a data culture, fostering a new team of power users who have the data at their fingertips, with almost any question answerable in seconds.


We created new metrics that allowed instant access to operational procedures or customer behaviors that potentially created a poor experience for the human.


Spending habits, retiring & performing products, shipment SLA’s, stock availability, RMA, and many other metrics, by both volume and value, have paved the path to make sure anything that can be measured and improved is part of the analytics DNA.

What does WorkHuman say?

I’ve worked with Datalineo for over 5 years and we have really been on a journey. From those initial discovery phases and figuring out what we wanted, our lens has always been scale and rigour. If I fast forward to today, we have proven out the solution and have added significant value to the business.


Ben has been an incredible partner throughout this and has shaped, provided context and knowledge and led our transformation, all done with grace and the Antipodean wit!

Andrea Johnson, VP of Global Business Systems

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