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Case Study

Hickeys Pharmacy Analytics


About Hickeys

Hickey’s Pharmacy opened its first pharmacy in Northside Shopping Centre, Dublin in 1995. Since that time, Hickey’s Pharmacy has grown and expanded its range of services in response to the changing needs of communities.

The Challenge

Hickeys Pharmacy had a vast amount of dispensary data available but had yet to unlock the insight contained within.

The Solution

Datalineo developed a modern, user friendly and secure analytics solution using Microsoft Power BI and Azure. The value in the solution was to develop custom metrics which match the strategy of the organisation, achieved by deep dive efforts to truly understand the data and customers.


The solution employed a user-friendly and graphic styling giving a welcoming appearance to users at stores across the country. See the samples below of the reports delivered to all stores.

Hickeys Case Study Image 1
Hickeys Case Study Image 2

The Results

  • Store managers access analytics reports daily to help ensure business continuity and ensure customers' needs are met.

  • Staff at headquarters monitor trends at company level to help feed into strategic decisions.

  • Users fully self-serve and create and share reports internally without the need to engage outside help.

Words from the Customer...

Working with Datalineo has progressed Hickey’s Pharmacies' understanding of our customers, enabling clearer focus of where to improve service experience.  From the outset, our goal was to identify levers of value, in the data we have, and present in a user friendly, actionable solution. 

Our selection of Datalineo to work with us was a clear choice early on, as the Datalineo team built relationships with the team in Hickey’s, quickly understanding us, where we were, where we want to be, and in turn Datalineo were better placed to deliver more than what we had originally envisaged

Mike Curran, Head of Sales

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